Holy Crap for Crap! The show was abso-frickin-lutely awesome! I was so impressed with everybody. D Flo fell into the Groucho role so well, and Ian as Chico was amazing, considering Chico is one of the brothers I often overlook. Strother, I know you were sad about being the normal one, but you were a fabulous Zeppo. Plus, I got to hug Colin in his Harpo costume, which was very gratifying. I was not disappointed in the slightest.

Everyone else, I am astounded at the awesomeness with which the dance numbers came together. I know you guys put a buttload of work and pain and sweat and tears and the occasional blood sacrifice into this, but it really paid off. I almost peed my pants on several occasions.

So, as the “Who’s your favorite Marx Brother” poll wraps up in my last post, it looks like Harpo is in the lead with 6, followed by Groucho with 3, Chico with 1, and Zeppo with a few “I also liked him”s

Thus as the prize, I will draw Wertle dressed up like Harpo, doing something….Harpo-ish. Don’t be dismayed if you don’t see it until after graduation though ^_^

One thought on “Cocoanuts”

  1. i don’t know much about them normally… but i think chico might jsut be my fav, specially in the play. though on the quiz…

    picture of groucho
    You are Groucho Marx!
    Quick witted, funny, but a little on the self
    centered side. You are probably the greatest
    person you know, even if no one else thinks so.
    But don’t worry, being Grouch means always
    having something clever to say, and a way with
    the opposite sex that even the people who are
    attracted to you can’t explain.

    Which Marx Brother are you?
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