Okay, so I have an idea to propose to those of you in LJ land.

This summer after I graduate I plan on doing a LOT of reading. I miss reading for leisure soooooooooo much, and I plan on making freqent library trips.

However, I generally get into these fixes where I really want to read, but can’t think of a book. Either that, or I’ll read a book that I think is awesome and will want to discuss it with someone, but no one will be readily available.

So, I was pondering the idea of starting a sort of “book club” ish message board. On it, people could recommend books, groups of people could decide on a book to read, and then discuss it in a thread when they finished. (and yes, I also want an excuse to use the message board I am provided with my hosting)

I don’t know if people would be interested in all, or if people *were* interested if it would get too big, seeing as it’s not focusing on a particular genre of books, just books in general.

Sooo, does anybody think that would be a good idea?

7 thoughts on “Books?”

  1. That sounds like it could be fun! Keep us out here in the loop, I’d be interested in hanging around a place like that and seeing what happens. (: You could probably make an LJ community for it instead/as well if you wanted.

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