Last day!

Ah, today is the last day of winter term, and oh what a term it’s been. Yesterday was a bit dull at first, as everyone was busy busy busy finishing papers and projects and whatnot. Eric and I pulled some ninja fun, though (by Eric I mean Eric Abele, not my brother. In fact from henceforth, I will refer to the former as “Eric” and the latter as “my brother,” even though my brother should technically get name rights, it’s easier to say “my brother” than “my friend Eric who is not my brother”).

We knew the film class kids were editing their horror movie over in the design studio, so we made an elaborate plan for scaring them, which involved us sneaking around Grant with no shoes on and banging doors and stuff. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people up there working, so all our subtle spooky-noise-making was in vain. We even crept right into the Black Box, the small theater directly attached to the design studio, and opened the door all creepy-like, but no one even noticed!

However, we were successful in the end, by hiding in the little tech room attached to the black box and jiggling the door handle when poor Tater walked by. Eventually, Alison came in wielding a sword and we jumped out and scared her and there was laughing and Tater throwing stuff at us. Eric and I are master scary-folk.

We actually ended up feeling kinda bad for Tater afterwards, it seemed she’d been freaking out a lot that weekend while they filmed their movie. And I can completely understand, the Norton Center is scaryashell at night, and of course they picked all the scariest places for their movie…the creepy hallways and their lack of 90º angles, the shop, Newlin (the big theater), and the catwalk. Yeek! I need to get some pictures of the place.

At any rate, we accompanied them for a bit, ate some pizza, then left them to their work. I wasn’t quite tired yet, so I revised Strother’s paper for him. It’s been awhile since I revised a paper, but I did a thorough job. I felt bad, though, leaving him with so much work to do O.o…

Strother’s away message: Lisa if you see this I worked until 5 with only one break. I better get an A or I’m coming to get you.

>_< Oh well, I'm off to my "final." Steve is bringing us doughnuts, yay!

4 thoughts on “Last day!”

    1. I’ll be sure to post them, if I can find someone to go with me to take pictures. Creepy! You should just come down and visit and I can take you to the building in person, muaha!

  1. Sweet. Strother’s away message rawks! 😀 It’s fun sneaking up on people and scaring them, even more so when you’re eerily quiet when not even trying to be, like me. >:D


    1. We tried the eerie quiet bit, but the punks were being too loud! How dare they ruin our fine attempt to scare them! Oh well. I’m sensing some revenge in the future, though ¬_¬

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