WoW Geekery

Honestly? I was doing the Children’s Week quests for the cash. The cute pet was a pleasant surprise.

He honestly looks like something you would have found in my sketchbook in the 4th grade. SO CUTE!! The orange tabby I bought on the goblin auction house might have to get sold.

7 thoughts on “WoW Geekery”

  1. Be warned though, his hyper-active ADD will sometimes get you in trouble. We found this out when he started the boss event in Mechanar a little early on us by running across the threshold there, haha.

    1. I didn’t know that “decorative” pets can pull mobs. I have like 10 pets by now and my stealth has never been broken when my pet was out. o.o

      1. I also didn’t realize that vanity pets can pull mobs!

        I will admit, though, he is one spastic little pet! It took me long enough to get him to stand still to take a screenshot!

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