Fires and Soft Drinks

Phew! What a busy day. So, on Friday afternoon 6 fire trucks roared into the complex to the back apartment building. Apparently the roof and attic had caught ablaze! (A guy living on the top floor noticed it and ran up and down the stairs banging on doors, so everyone got out and no one was hurt). DC and Beth live in the same building on the opposite side (and in the basement, no smoke or water damage) so were told to get their stuff to leave for 5 days while they investigated for the possibility that it was an electrical fire.

Weeelll it turns out the roof was so damaged that they have to do major renovations, so all 12 families in the building were told they would have to leave for several months. For DC and Beth, who are moving to Illinois in July, this meant they were out for good!

The whole situation has been very lucky. Beth’s dad offered space at his warehouse for them to store their stuff, and her parents’ guest bedroom furniture CONVENIENTLY arrived the day of the fire. No one was hurt, none of their stuff was damaged, so all in all the situation turned out to be nothing more than a big inconvenience.

Much of today was spent helping them pack up all their stuff, so I am very tired!

In other news, a good thing happened today. We went out to lunch and I had a Dr. Pepper, and it was EXTREMELY unsatisfying. This is good, because Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb are really the only things holding me back from banning HFCS soft drinks altogether. The cane sugar root beers and sodas were quite tasty, but every now and then I’d suffer a strong craving for Dr. Pepper. Hopefully now the craving will be thwarted!

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  1. I’m glad your friends are doing well. We had a fire at my comples a month or so ago, with similar results – it was quite unsettling.

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