WHO’S HALO MASTER NOW?? Well…still Ken, BUT…

Halo Stats:
-I won, I actually won! I can’t believe it! I beat Ken and D Flo, blam blam dead boom win!! Wooooooowoo! Of course, they punished me by not letting me have the big screen on top anymore and by ganging up on me as much as possible. Punks.

Morg–I totally empathize about the move/aim synchronization thing. It took me FOREVER to get it down, and I still get confused sometimes!

In today’s news, I had to sacrifice a pair of pants. You see, it is physically impossible to step into the painting studio without getting paint on you, and I need a new pair of painting pants. My other painting pants are a pair of jeans which I’ve had for 6 years, barely held together by weak threads, homemade patches, and the unholy powers of all the dark clerics in the land. So it’s time to doom another pair to a life of being consumed by paint day after day.

I had two pairs as candidates, both of which I use in glassblowing, so they’re a little rugged, but nothing I can’t keep clean. On the one hand, I have the green pants, and I love the green pants. They’re my favorite green pants (at one time, I would’ve followed up with “they’re my only green pants,” but this is no longer true). On the other hand, I have the black pants, which I also love, but which I also use as tech ninja pants. You can’t dash around behind stage like a good tech ninja with luminous splotches of white gesso all over your clothes.

So, after much turmoil, I’ve decided to condemn the green pants, as I noticed I got a little sliver of gesso on them already. No worries, though, they will still be loved, just not wearable outside the context of the art barn.

Said green pants..

By the way, thanks for the welcomes, all!

5 thoughts on “WHO’S HALO MASTER NOW?? Well…still Ken, BUT…”

  1. YETH!

    those pants RAWK! *clings to them* 😀

    ..and WELCOME!! to myyyyyyyyyyyy world *cackle* >:D

    ok so its not mine, i just had to say a vilmer quote XD

  2. Urg. I can’t play Halo. I’m used to having a keyboard and a mouse for fps. I think I’ll stick to that since I can get around with that set up with little practice. ^_^ (Xbox suxxxxx booo. ^_-)

    I dunno, I did a pretty good job of not ruining all my clothes when painting. Not as much problems as you are mentioning, and I can be a messy painter. ….

    1. I’m mostly a console person on multiplayer games, because it’s much more fun if they’re within punching distance if you start losing ^_^ The exception is old school Doom II, ah, such fond memories ^_^

      It must be just me with the oil paints. I walk into the art barn, think (Oh, i’ll just take a look), walk out, and there’s a spot of paint on my shirt! It may be a small splotch, but it NEVER comes out, ever. That’s why I have so many painting shirts!

  3. LOL! I had “painting pants” too. I mostly used them for when I was painting in oils, or actually also doing large charcoal drawings. I sneezed charcoal-colored boogers for hours after those drawing classes.

    1. The worst is when you get paint on your hands and mistake it for something else….or vice versa.

      “What’s that on my hand? Oh, just some Alizarin Crimson…”
      (2 minutes later)
      “Wait a minute…that’s not paint. I”M BLEEDING!!!! AHHH!”

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