Dun dun dun

Well, here I am! Special thanks to Synnabar for hookin me up, and to those who suggested, peer pressured, or used idle threats to convince me to start a journal.

In recent news, I have a nasty burn on my forearm from glassblowing, my partner accidentally bumped the steel jacks I was using, and one of the blades smacked my forearm. Ouch! No worries though. Another day, another battle scar.

I think I’m finally recovering from the Centre Plague, which seems to run rampant at the beginning of each year. I’m in the coughing/sneezing phase, and thanks to Kim providing me with tasty tea and sudafed, and for the Rhodes Hall crew for letting me turn their living quarters into a health spa, I’m on the mend.

Current Halo stats:
-Ken still reigns as undisputed champion
-I beat D Flo once, and I’ll never let him forget it
Brendan still yells at me for looking at his part of the screen, a technique I developed in my Mario Kart days and still think is a perfectly legitimate survival skill in first-person shooters.
-I’m getting better. No, really! I promise!

I think that’s a reasonable first post. Stay tuned for more bite-sized pieces of life!

12 thoughts on “Dun dun dun”

  1. the champion

    yes, yes i am the champion, and i have graciously left my copy of halo with the others in in hopes that they will someday present me with somewhat of a challenge!

    1. So *that’s* who you are! I kept seeing you when browsing friends sections of people’s journals, and wondering “who is this person? The writing style seems so familiar..”

      No more trickery from you, Kaj! ^_^

  2. That’s Kajika! ? Ooooooohhhhh!!!! *learn somethin’ new every day, yesseribob!*
    Heyas!!! Mind if I pounce on ya? *pounces irregardless* 🙂 Somebody has to….

    Hope you feel better- everyone I know (including me)is sick right now…./\_/\

  3. Welcome to LJ!

    Halo is Satan, in my house. It took me 7 months of irregular play time to be able to shoot people, and walk and see where I was walking. I still can’t shoot people, and move at the same time. I’m terrible. UGH. Jason and the guys are too good for me to play with, too – I get very frustrated, and fast.

    Sorry to hear about the burn! There isn’t an injury I hate more than burns…

    And welcome to LJ. 🙂

  4. Woo-hoo!

    Hey hey! Welcome to LJ!

    Now I think just about everyone I talked to in the days when I had time to get to EZ-Boards is here… it’s pretty cool to see all you great people in one place!

    Ooh! And sorry about the burn and the… plague… but I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  5. Mwuahahaha!! Another has been infected. My only regret is that I was not the one able to infect you with the need to journal on-line. My live journal pimpness has suffered. -grins-

    Okay, enough of that silliness. Welcome, Wertle! Hope you have a great time telling us all about your life. -chuckles-

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