Where to go?

Since I have a grown-up job right now, I get vacation time! I’m looking ahead a few months and trying to figure out how I want to use it. I want to spend time visiting places and seeing friends, but financially I am limited to probably just one visit. But where!

I want to visit Squirt and D Flo in Chicago
I want to visit Steph and Strother in California
I want to visit Wheeler, Marji, and Hanna in Atlanta
I want to visit Carleton, Matt, and Ian in New York

As of yet I do not have a clear idea for how to make this decision, and this is assuming said people would be up for receiving visitors (which many of them have already told me they would be). I am thinking of a few strategies…

1) Roll the 4-sided die of fate

2) Ask people who would like me to visit to write an essay, no more than 1 page double spaced, describing the reasons why their particular location is the best to visit, and decide based on that.

3) Cage match

4) Sit down and figure out what is financially feasible and who I have visited in the past and not visited yet and who I’ll be seeing over the holidays, etc. etc. Basically treating it like an actual decision that is worthy of thought.

I’m leanin towards…maybe #3?

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    1. My Essay pt 1

      Dear Ms. Brown –

      The thought process behind choosing a vacation and who to visit is one that has plagued mankind for thousands of year, and thus not one I approach lightly with my essay.
      I realize, that as of yet, my city, is not yet one on your “Radar” of vacation choices, but hope with this essay to argue for the beauty of my city, the convenience of restaurants and other entertainment options, and of course the amount of friends nearby. Hopefully, I can prove once and for all, that this town should make it to your lists of places to visit when you decide to venture out into the world.
      Hiking is very nice in our area, especially in the space between your apartment and mine. This makes for a picturesque walk and one that is not too long in colder days of winter . . .

      contd on back

  1. clearly you should go see squirt and dflo in chicago. you listed it first so obviously it’s destiny. you’d be more than welcome to crash at my place. and you know you wanna get in on some carnage with us, relive the glory days a little……

    and yeah, it’s windy, but it’s really not that bad. nothing you haven’t been through before.

    AND, finally, dflo and i would totally win the cage match against strother. or carleton for that matter. the others, i can’t speak for cause i don’t know them. i don’t think. regardless, it’d be great to see you, but do whatcha gotta do. *crosses fingers eyes and toes!*

  2. Ehem.

    HOT TUB.



    *wins by proxy*

    For reals, just let me know when you’d like to visit and we will ready the futon for your presence 🙂

  3. Actually, I think I’ll be visiting the hot tub and Batman TV…

    And Strother… your flaw is in the overestimation of your might.
    Wait, that came out wrong – I meant to say your fly might be open.

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