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Wow! I was quite amazed by the response to my vacation post! I think that I’ve finally boiled down to how to decide, at least. Rolling the die of fate is out, as Allison pointed out that it, in accordance to tradition, would have to be a 5-sided die with one side being the she-bear, and I’m not willing to take that chance.

Building a cage, while entertaining for the masses, would take a lot of work. Plus, it would involve getting all the combatants in town at the same time. That would make for a great party, but I realize people have very busy schedules.

The essays are too good and persuasive for me to choose! I think I’m going to have to just sit down and decide with LOGIC.

In other news, I need new shoes. As far as shoes I wear on a daily basis to work and such, I own one pair that I’ve had since high school. I tend to have a pretty good run with shoes ever since those Doc Martens I bought in the 8th grade (which lasted me through college). Anyway, my current pair of shoes is starting to come apart at the seams, and I think that it’s time.

I hate shoe shopping, though, and I’m worried that in the current age of “let’s make all merchandise crappily with a 4-year life span so people will have to buy more stuff later,” I may not be able to find a pair of good shoes that will last me another decade. Does anyone have any suggestions of brands that are still reliable?

More important, perhaps, who will escort me on this shoe buying adventure? I’m not going to endure the drudgery of shoe shopping alone, I’ll tell you this.

EDIT: Okay, I totally remembered that Scott loves shoe shopping! We went out today and bought a new pair of Doc Martens in record time! Shoe problem solved.

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