Walking Mr. Davis

As most of you know (and occasionally doubt my sanity for), I walk my cat on a regular basis. It only took about a week to train him on the harness, and now we go out pretty much every day.

From Walking Mr. Davis

It’s forced me to learn how to relax my brain in new ways. Before I had Mr. Davis, when I came home from work I would usually crash right away, occasionally sleeping the night through. Now, I have to force myself to stay awake long enough to take him out.

Walking a cat is not like walking a dog. It’s more of an amble, really. The cat just wanders about and sniffs here or there, and you follow along, and if he ever starts to go someplace you don’t want him to (under the hedge, perhaps), you just let the lead go taught.

It gives me a lot of time to still my brain, and I think it’s probably good for me. It’s definitely good for Mr. Davis! I don’t know if it really gives him more exercise, but it certainly gives him more intellectual stimulation. That’s important for cats – a bored cat is generally trouble.

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2 thoughts on “Walking Mr. Davis”

  1. Mum always thought we should try and harness the cat…. then he could have come in the old motorvan….
    But he was 3 when we got him (18 when he died) and probably part feral, too. Didn’t realise how big he was until I see other (compact) cats, mostly petite puss’.

    1. My cat is about 3 or 4 years old, not sure, but he took to clicker training really well. I think it’s because he’s very smart, so he enjoys the mental stimulation.

      I started by holding the harness near him and letting him sniff it, then click-and-treat. Then I gave him treats for letting me put it on and take it off. Then I left it on him for awhile. Then we went outside for the first time.

      Once he figured out that harness meant going outside, he was totally fine with it!

      I feel the same way about my cat in regards to how big he is. That’s actually a dog harness that he’s wearing, because none of the cat harnesses would fit him!

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