Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess checked off my video game list! I finished tonight, and was extremely pleased with the game. I enjoyed it through and through, especially a lot of the items and mechanics that I wasn’t used to, and the storylines were all great. I really loved the relationship between Midna and Link that grew throughout the entire game – it was beautifully nourished (and I even shed a few tears at the very end!)

Creating believable relationships in games, and making you really care about characters, is hard as all get-out, as we all know. Many times if a game tries very hard to make you feel a connection to a character, it feels forced, contrived, and induces eye rolling and scoffing (*coughcough*GearsOfWar*cough*). The Midna relationship, however, grew and changed and was believable, and I latched right onto it. I feel like just about everything in that game (from the story, to the animations, to the audio) served that character relationship, and it worked!

Also, Twilight Princess has some of the best end credits ever. When I finish a game, I want the end credits to wind down the experience – a nice ease out of the interest curve. Credits that give nods back to the story and show “what happened after” are wonderful and gratifying. I’m pretty sure these end credits were the most pleasing I’d experienced since Final Fantasy VI.

Well…7 games left! I’d better pick up the pace! 🙂 I doubt I’ll make it by the end of the summer, but I’ll keep working at it.