Fourth of July Fun and Feasts!

What a day of splendor! I spent the holiday with Josh, and we had a fantastic adventure of a day! Our primary goal was to defeat the grill and make something tasty, using the book that my mom lent us as a guide for proper grillin. We picked up some porterhouse steaks from Whole Foods and inevitably, as always happens when Josh and I go to Whole Foods, we indulged in purchasing way more tasty food than we’d originally planned.

I was pleased and surprised to see that the Whole Foods in Pasadena carries Garlic Expressions – my favorite salad dressing of all, and I introduced Josh to its majesty via an heirloom tomato & avocado salad, drizzled with the garlicky, vinegary goodness. DELICIOUS!

We also picked up fancy cheeses and breads and apple butter, which proved to be fine supplements to the steaks (which, I may add, were grilled to absolute perfection). Afterwards, we finished devouring the rest of the cherry-blueberry pie I baked yesterday.

In addition to the foody decadence, we played games (finishing Gears of War 2 finally, and starting through Half Life 2 Episode 2) and had not one, but TWO naps! It was the finest and laziest way to spend a holiday.