This and That

So the usual crew braved the elements Monday night, traveling through frightening thunderstorms to go to the usual American Chopper night hangout. We were all excited about the newest episode of American Chopper (Mikey was gonna build a bike! What’s not to love). However, we found out that when they say “On next week’s episode…” at the end of the show, they really mean “the next time we show a new episode…” Alas, reruns. To add insult to injury, next Monday they’re having a Monster House marathon. What’s up with that??? Nobody watches Monster House!! Yeesh.

Dynasty Warriors 4 is quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had playing a video game (it’s nearing Halo as my favorite multiplayer game! Eeek!). I highly recommend it.

Yesterday, Matt (my boss) and I had to drive to Connecticut to return some prop furniture we’d borrowed from another theater. It was a nice little trip. Being in New England for the summer has made me realize a few things about my own home region that I would have never noticed before. Granted, the existence of full service gas stations was a new thing for me when I got up here, but we’ve found a few other things. To go on this trip, we had to take the shop truck, which is a clunky old thing with no AC and only a tape deck. We thought it would be amusing to get some tapes to play on the way. Now, I am from Kentucky, and Matt is from Georgia, and so we were always used to the fact that when you go into a gas station, there’s always a rack of really obscure music tapes up near the counter, with such favorites as “Ultra 70’s Funk,” “Cowboy Songs,” and “The Best of the 80’s” type music. Apparently, though, this commodity (or oddity) does not exist in New England, as we were unable to find any gas stations that sold tapes! How sad! Perhaps it is a southern thing? At any rate, we had found a Primus tape in the Prop Shop, so that kept us entertained for the ride.

No more days off for 3 weekends, it’s going to be hard core! I think I’ll survive nicely, though. If I am lucky, I may be able to work in another internet update before the summer runs out! I miss my computer.