Berkshire Safari

Hooray! My journal entries are back and safe and sound. You know, living in New England for the summer has been quite an experience. I have discovered many new things and spotted many new creatures, and fortunately I’ve had my digital camera handy.

Sooo, today I thought I’d take you on a safari of sorts, and show you the many creatures I have encountered on my stay.

First up, we have this really spifty moth thing I found on the curtain. Look at its fuzzy antennae! Isn’t it neat? It’s orange, and METALLIC BLUE!! That totally rocks.

These butterflies are everywhere up here. I don’t know what kind they are, but they are very pretty and abundant. We don’t have them in Kentucky, I don’t think.

Not all creatures of the Berkshires are friendly and bug-like. One must beware of the ferocious parasite alien dachsund, which lays eggs in an innocent victim’s chest cavity, only to have them burst open as they hatch, allowing a dachsund to burrow out of one’s ribcage to freedom, only to plant eggs in other unsuspecting victims. Fear!!

Next is another cool bug. I named him Lu Bu, after my obsession with Dynasty Warriors and his nifty long antennae.

There is a virus that creeps about the Berkshires. It infects people and makes them do strange, abnormal things. Like making carpenters sew. Weird.

We have mice in the breezeway next to the prop shop. The other day, momma mouse transfered 7 baby mice from one location to another. The babies are so cute! Little balls of fluff. Daaaaaaawwwwwww.

Sometimes the baby mice would wander around fearlessly and not follow their mother, so she’d get fed up and carry them.

Strange creatures lurk in costume storage….very strange.

I hope you enjoyed your adventure! Now, off with me, two shows to go…

5 thoughts on “Berkshire Safari”

  1. Baby meeces look like voles.

    If it’s the same thing and not a different species that looks similar, we have a lot of those butterflies in southern Ohio. Something like this?

    I know the name, but I can’t think of it at the moment. I think they’re called painted lady butterflies or spotted ladies or like that. But we don’t have the evil dachsunds though,thank goodness. Those are creepy.

    1. Re: Baby meeces look like voles.

      Neat safari.
      We have that kind of butterfly as well. Here it’s called “Admiral”. However I see Kleiner Fuchs and Tagpfauenauge more often in the garden than Admirals, but that’s because there are so many nettles here.


      1. Re: Baby meeces look like voles.

        Maybe we do have those butterflies in Kentucky, and just not as abundantly. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled when I get home.

  2. Hey Wertle! *smiles and waves* Great to *see* you!

    I LOVE all those pices! Some of them made me laugh out loud – really! The insects are so cool, the baby mice are ADORABLE, and I LOVE the costumes! XD

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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