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I’ve figured it out! After some careful insights, I’ve discovered why there’s so much drama going on this year than past years. Because this year I’m hanging out with frickin DRAMA people! DUUUUUUUUUUHH!! I mean last year, who did I hang out with? Chemists and physicists. Drama there? Nooooo. Freshman year? I hung out with political sorts. Drama there, but a different sort of drama than Drama drama, which is dramatic in an entirely different way.

Anyway, here’s a comic series I’m keeping for myself, containing my biting social commentary about my social circle(which is about as biting as a toothless bunny). Commentary or no, we all make damn cute kittens.


A comic not about Halo

Inspired by the hectic auditioning process I mentioned last time. It is rather random and inside-jokish, and I wasn’t even sure if the people *in* the comic would get it. No matter, I can always say it was an exercise in dramatic shading and foreshortening ^_^


Consequently, the stars *did* like it. I’ve never had someone read one of my comics three times right in a row and laugh out loud each time. It is, perhaps, the most gratifying sensation one can experience.

The day is mine!

Tonight, I wrenched myself awake from a pleasant nap to walk through the pouring rain to a figure study session, all on my own accord! It is perhaps the most accomplished I’ve felt all year.

In other news…
Me: I don’t know if I should try out for a part in the one act plays for the directing class, I don’t know if I have time for another chunk ripped out of my schedule.
D Flo: Wanna be my stage manager instead?
Me: Durr…uhh…okay O.o

Good thinking, self, being an SM will be a lot less busy than an actress ¬_¬ No matter, though, it should be fun! I’ve never been a stage manager before, and even though it’s just for the small one-act plays, it should be an experience.

After a rather hectic audition, D Flo cast Tommy, Katie, and Jeff (yes, Jeff. You remember Jeff, don’t you? The one who juggles flaming sticks? Yeah, that one).

So, through an interesting twist of fate, I work under Jeff for the big play, and he works under me for the one acts. We’re each other’s boss, how strange!

Lot’s of rain lately, but things are still good. Fall break next weekend, no plans yet. And thanks again for the input on my big decision.

Electricity Eeeeelec-tricity.

Crew meeting today. I work for Jeff, who can juggle flaming sticks, in electrics. I used to be afraid of Jeff, he was one of those sorts who I couldn’t tell if they were joking or really seriously angry about something, but I’ve come to learn that he’s harmless. Mostly harmless.

I like working in electrics, hanging and focusing lights is great fun! This year, I’m board op (trained monkey) which is something I’ve never done before. It means I’ll have to donate a week of my life to the theatre department, but I think I have my schedule under control, it’ll all be good. And I have plenty of practice pushing buttons, I knew Halo would be good for something!

Speaking of which, Squirt has joined the Krew. I need to draw her up. It’s very strange, I never really hang out with her, but she’s lots of fun. Weird how that is.

I love you Brendan!

Will Johnston Doesn’t Believe in Binomial Nomenclature…

Tonight we had auditions for Shenanigans, the improv troupe of which I belong to here at my college. It was a great bunch of people, very talented, very witty, and a million times better than last year’s audition lot. Until this I’ve never been in a position where I had to take part in the casting process of something, and it’s quite tough!

Narrowing it down was a tough call, and we let many people go to “simmah in da pot” for a year, in hopes that they’ll try out again next year when all the Shenanigans seniors graduate this year.

They were good. Better than me by far, and sometimes I *still* wonder why I’ve been kept in the group up to this point. I don’t consider myself particularly quick-witted, all of my humor comes in 10 minute blocks at the very least. Granted, I’ve had my moments, I was particularly proud of my 1 minute speech on Polly Theism, but I just don’t know. Perhaps I’m good to play off of? I don’t know.

So, our goal is to beef up our performance frequency, and after this year the infamous Will Johnston will turn the project over to D Flo, and then we’ll have to find capable hands to leave it in after we graduate…

…after we graduate. Good God, I’m graduating next year.

::runs to the bathroom to hurl::