Miniature Golf

Last night, DC, Beth, Brendan, Scott and I all went to play miniature golf. This was quite pleasing to me, as I love mini-golf in such a disproportionate amount compared to my skill at it.

Nevertheless, I still came in second place, which was very surprising to me, as the best I hit the whole night was a 3, I think. I tend to have Happy Gilmore syndrome, in that I can launch the ball well enough to get it close to the hole on my first shot, but putting is impossible for me.

Highlights of the evening included DC stepping into a pond, Brendan hitting the ball so hard that it violated the space-time continuum and teleported onto the next green, me nearly taking out DC with my follow-through swing, and me apparently doing some matrix-like move that involved rocking up on my toes just in time to let a ball speed under my heels.

Afterwards we putzed around in the arcade and won enough tickets to get 3 super balls and 2 Chinese finger traps.

An evening well-spent.