Flash-piece art!

Once upon a time, Nate the Master Electrician went to the mall. He stopped by some store or another owned by an Asian couple. The store sold luggage or some such, but it also had little toys up at the front that you could buy for kids.

One such toy was a coloring page. It was a fuzzy page of black line art that you could fill in with colored glitter–a fairly typical toy. However, Nate knew something was amiss when he saw the toy was not called “Glitter Art”, as might be expected, but “Flash-piece Art.” After figuring out that “flash-piece” was a translation of “glitter” from another language to English, Nate turned the toy package over to read the instructions. And this is what he found:


He immediately purchased the toy and brought it back to the theater to share, and we all learned new words like “fundus”, “exiguous”, and my personal favorite, “tridimensional”.

(if the “I obviously used some computer algorithm to translate this” instructions weren’t funny enough, I also got a laugh over the fact that it was a coloring page for a picture of Snoopy–a completely black-and-white character)