24-Hour Comic

Okay okay, so here it is.

Through Wheeler’s persuasion and my realization that once I start my job, I won’t be able to do this crazy junk anymore, I decided to give the 24 Hours Comic challenge a go.

I started at 3 in the morning yesterday with absolutely no preconceived ideas, and checked in hourly with Wheeler on our progress. I used a game of Once Upon a Time I’d played recently with the Tuesday Night Ballers as a starting point, and went from there.

In fact, I ran into the opposite problem that I thought I’d have: I ran out of pages before I finished my story! To Be Continued wrap-up for you, ha! Churning out the 24 pages wasn’t such a problem as cleaning them up, and around 21 hours I started GOING CRAZY trying to focus, so I called it done and scanned her in (you’ll notice a big chunk in the middle is horribly messy, I cleaned from front to middle, then from back to middle, then gave up).

Anyway… https://www.wertle.com/gallery/v/projects/24hour/