Recently a friend and I were discussing old school giant monster movies, and how we were both fond of them as children. I was a big fan of Godzilla and Co. Having forgotten the name of my favorite monster (though I remembered him quite fondly), I did a bit of internetting and figured out his name. Can you guess who?


I loved this guy, and I always felt terribly sorry for him. He was a shy aquatic monster, minding his own business, and he kept getting mind-controlled! In fact, his movie represents the very thing I disliked about giant monster movies, in spite of loving the monsters. I was always frustrated that the monsters were always fightin each other. I wanted them to make friends, and then go cause mischief. This was never the case.

Titanosaurus had a particularly bad case. I was absolutely convinced that the humans in the movie and Godzilla were going to try and help T-saur out, by getting rid of the stupid mad scientist that was mind controlling him. I was CERTAIN that the giant sonic ray the humans built were going to disrupt the mind control waves, and T-saur would be free.

But no. They just used it to weaken him enough so Godzilla could kick his ass. What jerks! And Godzilla, come on, what an ass-face thing to do! The whole matter soured my relationship with Godzilla. Giant monsters should stick up for one another. They may as well have MCed poor T-saur off a cliff. Jerks.

Anyway, it was the point where I gave up hope that a monster movie would ever turn out the way I wanted, so I gave up on them. Still adored the monsters, though!

Have some more old monster movie silliness…

Gamera vs. Guiron, Redux

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  1. I recommend Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster, in which Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra, after some initial conflict team up to take out the titular menace. Also, Godzilla and Rodan play volleyball.

    For the complete opposite of what you’re asking for, I recommend Godzilla Final Wars in which Godzilla beats up pretty much every monster from every Godzilla film in the space of eighty minutes including that weird pseudo-Godzilla from the American Godzilla movie. (Whereas American Godzilla fans pretty much all said “What the hell is this?” after watching it, the Japanese apparently decided that it was canon, but that the monster that attacked New York was a different monster (Zilla) that the Americans mistook for Godzilla.)

    Also, you are crazy. Mothra is by far the best giant monster.

    1. Hey, to each their own favorite giant monster.

      My friend told me that Anguirus and Godzilla were bestest friends, even though the movie I saw them in they fought. Apparently they were just resolving an argument and became friends afterwards.

      Such boys!

      1. But see, Mothra isn’t a boy. (Except for Mothra Leo in Rebirth of Mothra.)

        Actually the only other female giant monster I can think of is the female Rodan of the mating pair from the original Rodan movie. Makes you wonder where all the giant monsters come from, since it clearly isn’t sexual reproduction.

    1. Well, to be fair, Titanosaurus did put up a pretty mean fight in that movie, and even kicked Godzilla in the head once. But he was being mind-controlled!! If they’d freed him, I’d bet he’d have been perfectly happy to help take out Mechagodzilla, to make up for the whole kicking-Godzilla-in-the-head thing.

  2. you might enjoy Cloverfield, Lisa, if you haven’t seen it yet. Sort of a post 9-11 take on the classic monster movie. but thanks to keeping us fairly detached from the main human characters, the movie never makes you hate the monster. Instead, it mostly just keeps you intrigued as to what it is and definately plays up the fact that its probably just as scared of us as we are of it.

    1. I did see Cloverfield, and I enjoyed it to a degree (but the camera work gave me motion sickness so badly I thought I would have a seizure), however, I don’t really consider it a monster movie, for the very reason that the monster isn’t the focus.

      It’s more of a disaster movie, to me. Monster movies require the monsters to have personality and form relationships, so the Cloverfield monster to me felt no different than a hurricane or tornado or giant tidal wave.

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