First real kiss: ‘out a month ago

First job: I volunteered for the Louisville Science Center for a long time, and my first paying job was working in their Kidzone

First screen name: Wertle. Yup, without the 1. You see, I created that SN on a friend’s aol account, because we didn’t have aol. When we did get it, I deleted the other account, thinking I could remake it on mine, but lo and behold, it still would not let me have the screenname. Doh!

First self-purchased album: I think it was some soundtrack, maybe Jurassic Park

First funeral: My Great Aunt Helen, though I was very young and didn’t really know her. I do recall the experience being rather surreal.

First pets: Joe B. is the earliest cat I can recall, but I had more memories of Nip.

First piercing: None!

First true love: The Moogley one over there *points*

First big trip: To Germany in the 4th grade. It was my first experience flying, too (what a way to break someone in to plane rides x_x)

Last big car ride: Massachusetts this summer. It was even longer going up, since we had the cat with us.

Last good cry: I woke up crying from a touching dream the other night, so I guess that counts

Last movie seen: Finding Nemo

Last beverage drank: Dr. Pepper

Last food consumed: A cheeseburger

Last phone call: D-flo, calling me from Louisville for directions

Last TV show watched: Dexter’s Lab

Last shoes worn: my fuzzy house slippers. I like to wear them outside, because it gives you the sensation of walking bare foot over the earth, but you don’t have to worry about sharp rocks.

Last CD played: The BTF summer 2003 shop mix

Last item bought: I think the dvd of Finding Nemo

Last soda drank: Dr. Pepper

Last ice cream eaten: Cowan soft serve

Last shirt worn: My new Zim T-shirt! Hooray!

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