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  1. I’m Rob, of course. And I found your journal by…well…I won’t name names–but it starts with a “b” and ends with an “elladonnarosa.” Why do I read it? I don’t, actually… I just kind of stumble through things hoping to find pictures and what not so I won’t have to confront my horrible lack of reading skills. Thanks for reminding me, by the way.

  2. Who am I? Weeeeeeellllll…..

    I’m just me. Y’know. Crazy Suni, stalker of many from DT.

    I found your journal, I believe, through Bool’s friend’s page. And I read it because I like your art, and your glasswork, and just in general find you interesting!


    Okay, okay, I’ll ‘fess. I only read it for the pictures of the hot glassblowers. Some of those guys are fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.


  3. Hi. I’m me. I worked with you. 🙂 And I roasted marshmallows with you over the GIANT METAL CAGE … OF FIRE! And how could I resist reading of journal of anyone in possession of a GIANT METAL CAGE … OF FIRE?

  4. Who am I? I’m HollyAnn! =D

    Actually, I think you found my journal and then I added you cuz you’re my friend 🙂

    Why do I read it? Cuz I like seeing what’s going on in my friends’ lives 🙂 And because you’re cool too 🙂

  5. I knew you a little from DT and found this one day through. . .I think it was Ralters? Can’t remember X3

    Anyways, I think your quite the character and your fun to be a friend. =D

    Sides, your PURPLE! Mwehehe

  6. I found your LJ through a devious system involving spies in Kazakhstan, Ganges-area India, Hong Kong and Boise, relaying information to me through messages encoded in fortune cookies. I read it so as to secretly learn more of your plans to conquer the world. Your time is nearly up, Empress Wertle. You will never find us. But we will find you.

  7. I know you from DT. And I muchly like your drawings, so I keep lurking.

    Sat Oct 12 2002
    [22:15] yikes…. Wertle too good >.x
    [22:16] Worship the purple dragon
    [22:16] * Tawa wants to be worshipped =<
    [22:16] Oo
    [22:16] * Rosethorn wants to be worshipped too…
    [22:17] me and my big mouth


    1. ok. reposting….
      Sat Oct 12 2002
      [22:15][Ralter] yikes…. Wertle too good >.x
      [22:16][Treborius] Worship the purple dragon
      [22:16] * Tawa wants to be worshipped =<
      [22:16][Rosethorn] Oo
      [22:16] * Rosethorn wants to be worshipped too…
      [22:17][Treborius] me and my big mouth


  8. Hell after BTF I figured I owed it to you to keep up with what you were doing, and besides I like coming over to Fox 2 and chilling with you. Plus I have a rant on here why wouldn’t I like to read what I said…wait does that make me vain…oh well.

    1. Hehehe, it’s funny, because when replying up at the top where it usually says “lj-user wrote…”, since it’s anonymous it only says “Someone wrote…”. I never noticed that before.

      What’s your blog address, Sara?

  9. Another DT groupie. That you live in KY and go to a college I’m seriously considering doesn’t hurt, either. >.> In any case, I read it cause .. um… damn, I need a reason? XD I guess just to see what all my friends are still up to.

    How come you never appear on Alfandria MUCK any more btw? By now I imagine it’s rather dead, but I remember joining it a while back and you were never around o.o;

    1. Same reason I’m never on DT chat anymore, or can barely spare more than a moment to talk on aim. The time fairy is not good to me. Occasionally I log in just to keep my account active, in case I am able to chat more after school.

      You should come visit Centre before I graduate!

  10. Hmm, guess you know who i am. 😉
    I can’t remember when i started stalking you, but you were the first person that showed me all this new world of interactive stalking. ;D

    And according to my Trillian LOG Files it all started with:

    >>Session Start (AIM – RedFeanarth:Wertle1): Sat Feb 23 17:37:21 2002
    Red Feanarth: Heya Wertle 🙂
    Wertle1: Hello there
    < <

    Exciting start, wasn’t it? Also take note of the cool and well thought out introductionary sentence my brilliant mind created back there. XD

    And regarding the “why” i guess the following quote (also from the AIM Log files) fits quite well:

    “Red Feanarth: Your journal is quite amusing to read 😉 “

    1. I really should consider Trillian for the log feature alone. I always always ALWAYS manage to close an IM window that contains some important information–like a phone number or something–before I’ve written it down. Just a habit to close the window as soon as the conversation is over. Wow, Feb 2002, in internet time that’s like 10 years ago!

  11. *eep*! *blinks* Me? Who, MEEEEE ????
    Um- I’m a lurker at the moment, apparently… one of these days I really need to add you to my friends list, but I haven’t updated my lj lists in quite a while (when I do I’ll add ya for sure! :)) I don’t frequent the internet often anymore, but happened to be doing so tonight….
    I know you from… uh… seems like “forever” since I’ve been online… FdK, I guess? And various places after that…. Yay for purple dragons! 😀

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