Sound Bites

Carleton’s family lives right near the shore on the Long Island Sound, and this morning we went critter scavenging on the beach.

A little crab

A skull thing, any ideas on what it is from?

The shell of a little horseshoe crab

A fish vertebrae

And our biggest find, a huge horseshoe crab that had washed up in a bed of seaweed. It was pretty fresh, but most of its innards were missing, so we decided to take it home with us to clean it. Soon I will have the shell all nice and clean for display (or perhaps to make into an awesome helment ¬_¬ )

4 thoughts on “Sound Bites”

  1. Those who named these horseshoe-crabs in our language focused more on the tail than the shape of the main body; calling them translated “arrowtail-crabs”.

  2. Awwwh! I wouldn’t have had the gall to pick up the dead stuff with my bare hands… I usually use poking sticks.

    You had some really good finds though; I wasn’t lucky enough to find horseshoe crabs. And I have NO CLUE what that skull is… *shudders*

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