Chaos, madness, and settling in

Well, the first couple of weeks up here have been successful. I really enjoy my work, and everyone at the theater is super nice. It is a very different atmosphere from summerstock theater, and certainly from what I’ve done at Centre. At any rate, from the looks of things this year is going to be great.

Thought I lost my wallet this morning which was stressful, but turned out the couch was just trying to eat it. This weekend, Carleton and I are going to Burlington, Vermont to visit his grandparents. He is always speaking of how wonderful a place Vermont is, so now I’ll get to see if it’s really true ^_^

Tomorrow, my Nana is going in to surgery for her cancer. It is a very nervous time, so if those of you who are praying sorts would please add her to your list, it would be most appreciated.

I’ve settled in enough to work on new art, so we’ll see what future updates hold.

3 thoughts on “Chaos, madness, and settling in”

  1. I haven’t been much on prayer but know that your Nana is in my thoughts. My deepest condolences go out to you – my Grandfather was just diagnosed with lung cancer and I can relate to your anxiety.


  2. My thoughts are offered for your Nana and you. Good to hear you’re readying New England for eventual conquest.

    D Flo

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