Weee! What a first week! It wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be, though this weekend will be busy with me preparing my proposal. I think the art society, if Nick and I can get it off the ground, is going to be great fun. We’re going to get the kids to help out with the Anagama kiln this year (which I’m very excited about, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!)

Meanwhile, the weather has been overly pleasant this week, and I’ve been in good spirits every day in spite of the busy schedule that faces me. There have been slivers of loneliness here and there, as the absence of my many graduated friends makes itself more and more apparent, but at least I still have D Flo () to save the universe from Covenant aliens with!

In fact, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on my own this week, which is pleasant in its own right. It’s been too long since I could enjoy my own company and inner ponderings. I’m going to paint this term, on my own. I even did the unthinkable, and bought one of those pre-stretched pre-primed canvases instead of stretching my own, Sheldon would be so ashamed!!

In other news, I have floaty ideas about this year’s Halloween costume, but nothing solid yet. Also, this project in my Compilers class is going to be brutal..

*sings* C is for Cookie, it’s good enough for me… *code code code*