Drama Picnic

The drama picnic was fun and exciting, as it always is. Even though overcast weather could not hinder our usual fun.

Every year when we go to the drama picnic, once in the fall and once in the spring, we always go through Junction City, and every year I see this sign. Every year I say “I really need to take a picture of that sign,” and since I’m a senior this year I thought I’d better get on it. Anyway, here it is…

Josh, Elizabeth, Julia and Kate play on the dock

That great big tree in the middle of the lake is awesome for jumping off of, I plan on jumping off the top before I graduate (it’s tricky, though, my arms are too short for me to get all the way up there).

Jeff and Crack

Collin and D Flo ponder musical truths

Strother tries on the local plant life as a new fashion statement (by local I mean “bottom of the lake”)

Everyone has fun with a foam deer head!

Unfortunately, the usual fresh-water jellyfish that show up in this lake didn’t seem to be around in as great of quantities (I thought I spotted a few over by the lily pads), perhaps it has been too rainy the past few days, or something. Oh well. All in all, another successful picnic

4 thoughts on “Drama Picnic”

  1. Uhm.. I’d consider it a GOOD thing that no jellyfish were around.. their stings are damned irritating o.O

    1. The little freshwater jellyfish in the lake never stung (or if they did, they were too tiny to feel), otherwise I’d heartily agree with you.

      1. I didn’t even know, that jellyfish conquered the freshwater. I only saw the small harmless ones stranded on a beach in the Netherlands.
        Fishing in old quarry ponds for biology two years ago, only found us some small leeches and plankton.


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