Osaka Adventure – Day 6

Well, the trip is winding down to a close, and just in time (I think I’m just about out of fuel). We spent the day at a nearby amusement park that JC was jonesin’ to go to. The rides were pretty tame, but the company was good, so it made for a fun day. Managed to sneak in another nikuman for dinner, so I’d call it a day well spent just for that!

I’ve had a fantastic time here. We pretty much nailed every kind of experience I wanted to hit in the short week I was here, and I am extremely grateful to Scott and his friends for hosting me. Thanks, you guys!

Tomorrow we’re going to chill out in Osaka before I have to go to the airport, maybe hit up an arcade or two. Who can say! Anyway, that about wraps it up.

Hooray for Japan!