Osaka Adventure – Day 3

Well, Kyoto adventure today. Scott lives in a town that is smack between Kyoto and Osaka, so it’s great for day trips to either one. After a tasty gyoza lunch, we set out on the train to visit Kyomizu Temple.

I love temples and shrines in Japan! They are so beautiful! It was very busy today, since it’s Saturday on holiday. It was pretty big and sprawling, but we made it to the top eventually. There was a beautiful view of Kyoto on one side and the mountain foresty area on the other.

I’ll let my photos do most of the talking for this one (on facebook for now, I’ll get them up on Picasa eventually)

At one moment I noticed a worm worming its way across the footpath, and was like “oh noes he will get squished!” so stopped to capture him and transport him to safety. This apparently utterly baffled an older lady who passed me, and she looked at Scott in amazement. Can’t help it, the worm was in danger!

On the way back down from the temple, we found a nikuman stand, much to my delight. LOVES ME SOME NIKUMAN!

It was an exhausting day at the temple, so we’re just takin it easy for tonight. The future holds museums and onsens.