Osaka Adventure – Day 2

Yesterday was the one day on my visit that Scott had classes, so I took it easy and did the vacationing part of my vacation (meaning lots of naps). I did venture out for a walk around the neighborhood, hence the most recent batch of photos.

When the crew came back from class, we began preparations for the night’s nabe party. Nabe is like hot pot, except there’s just one big pot that you shove everything into and everyone dishes out from it. We went to the grocery to pick up ingredients, and I rode on the back of Scott’s bicycle. It kind of gave me flashbacks to when I was little and rode in that plastic seat attached to the back of my dad’s bike, though less terrifying and more painful over bumps.

The nabe party was delicious! There were 11 of us packed into the room, so we needed 2 pots, but there was plenty of tasty food to go around. Scott explained that nabe parties are pretty typical for the college crowd in Japan. I think I’d like to wrangle one together back home!

Now, even though I’m pretty much over my jetlag, I’m still an early bird and get sleepy way early. The plan was to go to karaoke after the nabe party, but 11 rolled around and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I do not have the stamina to keep up with these college kids! Granted, when I was in undergrad I rarely had the stamina to keep up then, so maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I ducked out of karaoke, and it’s a good thing because they JUST got back (it’s like 6am over here). There’s no way I would have made it.

Anyway, a fun day!

2 thoughts on “Osaka Adventure – Day 2”

  1. Cool. Are you on a tour, or by yourself? I want to go to Japan someday and not sure if I should take a tour (I’ve seen a really tempting one this summer), do it myself, or what.

    1. I’m just by myself visiting a friend. He’s over here studying abroad for a semester. The last time I went, I visited a friend who was doing the JET program.

      It’s definitely the best gig if you know someone over here to visit, but I don’t think it’d be hard to come by yourself. Last time I came when my friend and I traveled around, we just stayed in hostels and it was super cheap.

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