Mr. Laguna

It’s been a whole year since I started my newsbruiser journal, woo! I contemplated celebrating the anniversary by changing the timing of my year-end review, but I’ll hold off. A lot could happen in a month and a half, yes?

Mr. Laguna is sick. I nursed him back to health from some bloating issues, and then all of a sudden there was a really rapid onset of finrot and fungus. Back to the hospital tank he goes. He looks absolutely miserable–he always had the habit of biting his own tail, so the pretty crowntail fins you see in the picture never lasted very long, but otherwise he’d been fairly spunky.

Mr. Laguna will always remind me of how people in a place where I just never quite fit in strove so desperately to make me feel at home. I’ve been intending to write to the Long Wharf folks to say hello and give them a rundown of how things are going for me, but I would hate for my contact to be in the form that something has happened to the beloved former office fish.

Mrs. Laguna spends most of her time in the wrong side of the big tank, swimming up and down and back and forth to try to find a breach in the glass wall that will allow her to cross over into the hospital tank where Mr. Laguna resides.

Spaz and Ottobot seem oblivious, as catfish tend to seem, though I found that yesterday when Mr. Laguna was still in the big tank and I discovered him being sick, he was laying on the floor of the coral castle, and Spaz was laying next to him. (I’ll keep an eye on Spaz to make sure he didn’t catch anything)

I should have known better that this sounded like a preemptive eulogy. Mr. Laguna died today.