I figured out how to lure my appetite back

Explain to me.

Why on earth do people buy disgusting flour tortillas at the grocery store when they can so easily make DELICIOUS homemade corn tortillas that are an order of BIZTRILLIONS times better and tastier and more wonderful?


You need corn flour and a cast iron skillet. You could not possibly ask for a more simple recipe. Ah, well, it is the loss of the world! *devours*.

EDIT: I guess I could actually, you know, give the recipe.

First, get ye self to the grocery store and the ethnic food section and buy some corn flour (Masa Harina).

At home, start heating a cast iron skillet, dry, on medium high heat.

Mix 2 cups of corn flour with 1 1/4 cup of water (you may need a little more water, but only add it a tablespoon at a time as you knead). Knead that sucker for several minutes until it is deliciously elastic.

Break off a ball and roll it flat between two pieces of wax paper, using a rolling pin or whatever else you have to get the job done. (To avoid breaking your tortilla, peel the wax paper off the tortilla vs. peeling the tortilla off the wax paper).

Throw the tortilla on the hot skillet for 30 seconds each side.

Done. The end. That’s it. SEE?!?!

You can cut them up into wedges and fry them in vegetable oil to make tortilla chips, but they are just as delicious plain and soft and dipped in salsa.

….ah, salsa….Homemade salsa! My next project!