Hey Internet, I wanted to show off some of my classmates’ work, and get you guys to give them some feedback.

This student group worked this semester to create a 4 minute animation addressing issues that come up in working in cross-cultural environments. In particular, it talks about language barriers. It’s done in a “Creature Comforts” documentary/interview sort of style..

Please watch it and fill our their survey so they can polish it off…

I’m very proud of them, I know they worked their asses off to put together this animation in such a short time, and I think they did a great job!

2 thoughts on “Animation”

  1. I tried my best to convey my flaw-centered review style before hand and throughout, but can you please make sure that no one’s spirits are crushed by my survey answers? They did a very good job overall, and I said that explicitly, but I get paranoid about how my critiques are received since it’s been pointed out to me on several occasions that I “always have something bad to say”, as it was most memorably put to me. Feel free to demonize me if it helps! Also they have my email now, so I guess they can send death-threats, just so long as they don’t plan to carry them out.

    I am almost definitely overreacting, I hope.

    1. Also I just noticed that this is four days old. Stupid being-sick-and-catching-up-on-the-internet-all-at-once.

      Maybe at this point it would be best if you did whatever the internet survey equivalent is of sneaking into their apartment and erasing my message off their answering machine before they hear it, so I don’t point out things they will feel bad about that it is too late to fix.

      This is what happens when I give criticism in a non-face-to-face manner, Lisa! Look at what I’ve become! You did this to me! I’ll never forgive you! I’ll get you for this, Lisa! I’ll have my revenge if it’s the last thing I do! Or something.

      Anyhow, I believe I’ve made about as much of an ass out of myself as is possible for the moment without posting pictures of some kind, so I suppose I’d best be off.

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