Fondue is a Fon-don’t (except when it’s a Fon-do)

Today was my last day of work, how exciting! My boss and coworkers gave me the gift of two large chocolate fondue dishes at the new Coco’s Chocolate Cafe on Bardstown road. I gathered all the ballers I could and we had dinner there tonight. Delicious! SO DELICIOUS! It ended with me scraping my fingers inside the fondue bowls to get as much of the delicious chocolate as I could. It was an extremely thoughtful gift, and I’m glad my friends were able to partake in it.

Maria, you need to upload those photos you took soon, I want to see!

Afterwards, I gave away belongings to friends, as I’m trying to purge as much stuff as I can before I move. It was like Christmas day: “Who wants one of these…you? Take it!”

Meanwhile, did they make female taurens taller? Or the war raptors bigger? I swear I’m having more trouble than ever in Undercity. I used to just not be able to fit through the elevator door, but now I can’t fit through ANY doors. I have a suspicion that while they seem to have accidentally replaced male orc shoulders with female orc shoulders, they also replaced female tauren war raptors with male tauren war raptors. But, of course, no one’s going to raise a fuss about that (I did, afterall, accept the inconvenience of not being able to fit through doorways as payment for the badassery I would receive riding about on my DINOSAUR).