Busy updates

Busy times, busy times.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Half of me is excited (hence the not being able to sleep so instead staying up late and posting on LJ), and half of me is frantic because I have to leave them in the middle of their hectic getting-ready-for-the-start-of-school time. My calendar is packed full of social obligations I have to tend to before heading off to Pittsburgh, and it’s equally exciting and exhausting.

Last Friday my Kempo friends came over for dinner. It was fantastic to see them again and amusing to watch Brad and James compete on the Wii. Kempo is such an important yet not often talked-about part of my life and spending time with them is always enriching. I’ll try to keep updating within the next week, as I’m sure much will happen before I depart for the north.

A few notes…

1) They should just rename Facebook to Scrabblebook and be done with it.

2) Iisaw (iisaw) posted this awhile back in his journal, and I kept meaning to share it. It is one of the most fun and cleverly designed Flash games I’ve encountered. Brendan, you would like this a lot, so be sure to check it out: BLOXORZ

3) The other day I helped my grandparents set up their first email account and send their first email. They were delighted.

That’s all for now!