Today at work, as a special event arranged by Company Management, my boss’s chiropractor came in to give a free crank to the run crew and the interns. He told my boss later that he was totally shocked at how many young people’s bodies were totally busted, and named me off as one of the busticated. It comes from slouching all my life, I think, and after my adjustment I was thrilled to find that trying to stand up straight no longer was a painful activity!

I’m going to try and force myself to stand up straight as much as possible until the usual pain returns (as a quick chiropractic adjustment surely won’t undo 10+ years of bad posture). All that whining I did when I was little and my parents told me to stand up straight, what was I thinking?

In other news, I moved my betta and his one-eyed catfish companion to a 10 gallon tank the other day. Fish is loving it. He’s grown to be so large that even his old 5 gallon was starting to feel cramped. Once I get the tank cycled, I think I may add some docile tetras to the mix, as I’ve heard the non-nipping ones make good additions to a community tank with a betta.

I may even give Fish’s old 5 gallon to Mr. Laguna (my office betta).

I noticed that although I’m a regular poster to the community, I don’t often show off my fishies in my own journal. So here they are! Fish:
Around when I first got him–

Now under fluorescent lighting!–

The New tank:

Mr. Laguna (the crowntail I keep at the prop shop)

Spaz, the one-eyed Cory Cat (good side then bad)