Dream Post?

I always feel a little guilty making journal posts about dreams, because I have a hard time reading about other people’s dreams, and I know the same must be true in reverse. Plus, I know that a dream always seems way cooler to you than it is to the people you’re telling.

…but this one is really REALLY cool I promise!!!

The past few nights I have been plagued with dreams that are so realistic that I am absolutely convinced they are happening for real, but last night’s was the strongest.

I dreamed that you could access Google Maps on your cell phone, and if you zoomed in far enough on the map, when you looked up, you were in that location! I thought this would be a very good way to visit Ken, so I typed in “New Orleans” and zoomed in until I found a place on the map that looked very similar to a map he showed me once to show where he lived and worked. Even in the dream, I knew this was shaky logic, but I tried it anyway.

So I looked up, and sure enough, there I was in New Orleans. After wandering around nervously for a bit, I ran into Ken! “Heeey!” said Ken, “what are you doing here?” And I told him about Google Maps, and he took me to his place and we hung out and it was awesome.

I was so convinced that this was really happening, that when a phone call woke me up from my dream, after I hung up, I was all ready to go find my cell phone so I could go visit Ken. Then brain was like “psst, Lisa, you’re awake now…” and I felt really dumb.

The moral of the story is, I miss Ken and he should visit soon!

Although, if I visit Ken in New Orleans and it looked like it did in my dream, I’m gonna totally freak out