Computer Madness

Oy vey what a weekend! It’s like being back and school, only I *want* to be frantically futzing over web sites.

The first one is the web site I’m getting paid for. Since it is my first “job” site, I wanted to be sure and make it all Dr. Professional and stuff. I’m very proud of myself, using lots of new CSS I hadn’t played with before, no tables in sight (unless I *need* one for real and not for layout), and I’ve checked it in no less than 8 BILLION different browsers to make sure it looks okay. For a simple, informational website, it is quite a lot of work! I might get to do some web database stuff for the same people once it’s up.

On the second hand, since Brendan is very busy, and since I’ve suddenly found a lot of new time on my hands, I’m helping Will (Jaster) with his super secret website for his super secret secret project of secretness. Of course I can’t say much more, but the project has been a huge learning experience for me, as I’ve thrown myself in the midst of managing and building things that i don’t *really* know how to do.

As far as “how I’m doing” in general, I’m still wavering someplace in “okay”. I am happy to be able to frequently visit Brendan and Maria and Dave (though I do miss Ken and D Flo). I have decided that the only thing I really need in my life is to be close to one or more of them, where I feel safe. However, I am still trying to reconcile my emotions and my logic, and that can cause some painful friction. I have mostly just loaded myself up with personal projects, so i am always doing something.

I think things are going to be okay.