Day Off

In spite of the mountains of work I have to do, I decided to come home for the weekend, and am very glad I did. I probably would not have gotten any work done at school anyway, most likely would have just moped about. Coming home was instantly refreshing.

This afternoon I joined Dave, Ken, and Brad at the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair, which was similar to the St. James Art fair except more pleasant weather and less people. We actually spent most of the beginning of the afternoon resting on Brad and Evan’s porch and people-watching. The art stuffs being sold were pretty varied, as the wares in these sorts of events usually are, but it was a pleasant day to be out walking. I also got to see Evan, but only briefly as I was on my way out and he on his way in.

I then spent the evening visiting Brendan and Maria. They introduced me to WarioWare, which seems to be a game invented specifically for people with ADD, but man is it fun. (note that site doesn’t have any actual game info on it…or maybe it does, it’s just hidden in those secret doors). We also dug out my old tape of Captain Power episodes, which was fun and nostalgic, but slightly lacking seeing as we didn’t have any of the toys. It was okay, though, we shot the screen with finger guns and made the little shooting noise.

Seeing my friends and being home was incredibly refreshing, and I only hope that doesn’t immediately drain out of me upon returning to school. Soooo much work to do, so little time. I guess that’s always true, though.