Cosmic Frisbee

Last night I had the most incredible dream! There was a huge field crowded with many people, and we were playing the most gigantic game of Ultimate Frisbee ever. And everyone I knew was playing. Like, everyone. Nate, Josh, Ryan, Frankie, Woody…all the old Centre Frisbee folk. The ballers were there, the Shredding Tears were there, my friends from high school were there, the Science Center people were there…..eeeeveryone.

I’m not exactly sure who we were playing against, because everyone seemed to be on my team. Everyone was happy and running about. Every pass was perfect, and I was in no pain, even though I was running and jumping and such. Then, I threw a perfect hammer, and Nate Whitfield turned to me and nodded in sincere approval, smiling broadly.

Does this mean I’m about to die?

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