Art Books – Internet Garage Sale

I have a few art reference books that I have no use of anymore, but I remember how very valuable they were to me when I was drawing and learning the ins and outs of rendering anatomy and all that, so I’m selling them (hopefully to some artsy folks who would get good use out of them).

Prices are cheapsville, with shipping costs on top.

If you’re interested in one, shoot me an email (since my journal propagates to so many sources, I don’t wanna play the timestamp game with comments) – wertle at wertle dot com

Bridgman’s Life Drawing – George Bridgman
Selling for $2 plus $5 shipping

How to Draw the Human Figure: An Anatomical Approach – Louise Gordon
$5 plus $5 shipping

Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters – Robert Beverly Hale
$6 plus $5 shipping

Anatomy for the Artist – Jeno Barcsay
$5 plus $5 shipping

Costs may vary a bit, and if you’d pay with a credit card through PayPal, it’d be a little more for the fee they charge the seller, stuff like that. Basically, email me and we’ll work out the exact price 🙂