An internal dialogue

IC=Internal Clock

IC: Lisa.
M: Mmm?
IC: It’s 9:00, Lisa, you should get up.
M: …Look, Clock, I don’t know if you failed to notice, but I just did a 24 hour comic yesterday…
IC: Yes?
M: So shut up and let me sleep.
IC: Well, alright..

(an hour passes)

IC: Lisa, it’s 10:00, come on, wake up.
M: (growling) SLEEP
IC: Come on!
M: I am in a state of recovery, you leave me the hell alone!
IC: …

(another hour)

IC: Lisa.
M: Oh for the love of….
IC: It’s 11:00, Lisa
M: Look, I am going to SLEEP, if you wake me up one more time, ONE MORE TIME, I will kick your ass.
IC: ……come on, Lisa, you can’t sleep past 11….

(a brief, one-person wrestling match ensues wherein Lisa gets her foot tangled in a blanket and accidentally rolls out of bed and onto the floor)

IC: Well now that you’re already out of bed, you may as well get up.
M: I hate you.

(I’ll post the comic to my website later, when I am less grumpy)