Valentine’s Basketball

Tonight is Valentine’s Day Celebration! There will be lemon bundt cake, apparently, and we will be exchanging Valentines (you know the sort, the ones featuring characters who have no business being surrounded by hearts and pink borders, like Batman, and that say things like “I’d be your sidekick any day, Valentine!”).

I will use this opportunity to express my love for all my friends and acquaintances, because people can never be told often enough that they are loved.

My life is enriched because of the lot of you!

Oh yeah, I’m leading a retreat this week! Tomorrow, in fact, I am leaving for it. I’ll be away from the internet and have my phone off, so just be patient and I’ll return Thursday evening.

We’ll see whether or not I’ve managed to build up my resistance to the Velveteen Rabbit (I haven’t. I cannot be read that story without tears, it is impossible).

See you guys later.