I used to be really really fond of Newsbruiser, until I tried to integrate it into my site.

It is really not the fault of a the program, it is very good. One problem is that my hosting provider does not support server side includes, and the other problem is that I should have KNOWN better!! I just didn’t think about it at the time that I might want to someday integrate my python-based blog into my php-based website.

Maria, you remember when we were trying to explain about different programming languages, and how they don’t work together? This is a fine example.

Every time I get ready to launch my new site update, I reach this one bump, and I go through the same steps trying to solve it, until I FINALLY reach the step where I plan to code an RSS reader on my front page to read from my blog, and then I realize how stupid and redundant that is, start to cry, and cast off the whole ordeal.

Then after some time I forget what the problem was, and try and do it again.

I really want to try and avoid having to get new blogging software, just because I don’t want to deal with it. If it comes down to a last resort, I’ll end up doing the RSS reader (grah!!), however, if anyone knows of any magical way to make Python and PHP talk to each other? Please let me know. Thanks.

EDIT: Last resort it is