Graduation is over, I am no longer a college student. Actually, I am no longer a student, period. This will take some getting used to (probably won’t realize it until the fall when I don’t go back to school).

Having Carleton around during the time of pre-graduation chaos was wonderful, and having him around during post-graduation relaxation is even better. I feel very inspired to do the cleaning, unpacking, stuff-purging bit.

So much to do, but now I have so much motivation to do it! It will surely take me a week alone to unpack and clean and get organized, but that won’t be without regular resting and visiting breaks (Dave, Ken, and Brendan, prepare thyselves!)

I think the summer will be good.

In other news, D Flo and I are the masters of Taboo (mogui! mogui!)

4 thoughts on “Graduation”

  1. Happy graduation!

    The good news is, you’re no longer a student in college. The bad news is, you’re now a student of life. 😉

    Lost Dragon

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