I got a props internship at Long Wharf Theatre in Connecticut which I had applied for in early April. It is very exciting for me, and is another wonderful load lifted off my shoulders what with not having to worry about what I’m going to do next year (That, and I can now officially answer the neverending questions of “So what are you going to do after you graduate?”)

The senior art majors defense was today and went quite well. I was able to form coherent thoughts and sentences even though my face was continuously trying to slide off. Lots of people showed up to the opening and it was really fun, I got a lot of great compliments on my pieces and on the show in general (and I made a trade for one of Augustine’s paintings! Yay!) I’ll be sure to post pictures once I get them.

Tonight was also the Jr/Sr drama dinner at Tony’s. It was very pleasant; I got a sock puppet as a gift and learned how to play Cricket (sort of).

Overall, things are going awesomely, with the only damper being that I am very very sick. However, tomorrow after my algorithms final I intend to take some cold medicine and sleep for about 3 days.

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “HOORAAAAAY!!!”

      1. Yep, I’m in Louisville now and will be here until the end of August except for occassional brief outings elsewhere. We should definitely have a cookout with the GIANT METAL CAGE … OF FIRE!

  1. WAY TO GO!!! I’m so happy for you! We BOTH got our dream jobs this summer!

    We really, really should meet at some point this summer. Lemme kno, m’kay?

    1. My job actually doesn’t start until late August, but it runs until May, so if we can’t meet this summer hopefully we can get together at some point through the year.

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