Whew! Been awhile since an update, but it’s been awhile since I could snag a ride to the library. Many things have happened! I will divide them up by “good” or “bad” on a case by case basis.

Bad: It’s quite hot, and humid too. The sort of weather where you drink water every half an hour and never have to pee.
Good: At least it’s stopped raining!

Bad: I had to use the router last week, which is the scariest power tool ever (on the up side, my favorite power tool–the compound sliding miter saw–is doing quite nicely and has yet to cut off my hand).
Good: I got to dull the blade of a machete by beating it against a rock.

Bad: You know how I was gonna wait until the end of the summer to buy myself a PS2? You know, as a reward? WELL, due to the unspeakable PEER PRESSURE of a certain, left-shoulder-perching, demon winged friend (I won’t mention any names (*cough*Carlton*cough*), I went out and bought one, and RUINED my goal.
Good: I have a PS2 now.

Bad: While buying said PS2, I also purchased Ghost Recon, and though I am 21 years old, I got CARDED for buying a Rated R game.
Good: I’m sure it’ll do me good when I’m 40.

Bad: I’m terrible at volleyball.
Good: Nate the Carp taught me how to throw a hammer! Now I will return to school and amaze all my ultimate frisbee friends! …or something.

Overall, things are good, plenty of work, plenty of play.

By the way, does anyone have a spare LJ code laying about? D Flo wants to start a journal, so he’ll have a place to rant, and so I won’t have to advertise his music for him (he can do it himself!). Hope everyone is well!

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  1. I believe I do. I’m being naughty and stealing time on a work computer, but I’ll ransack my various accounts lying around wqhen I get home. I’m sure I’ve got at least three or four codes.

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