I thought that I’d be so busy this summer that I’d burn myself out. While I am very busy at work, with plenty of different things to do, I’m actually getting a lot of rest. With none of the extra responsibilities and activities and work I usually pick up at school, I have plenty of time to sit quietly, read for fun (I missed it so much!), and sleep. I’m averaging 9 to 11 hours a night, and my body loves it, I think.

Activities vary quite a bit here. Either I’m running around doing everything or sitting and doing nothing. One night will be filled with volleyball and video games, while another will be sitting and watching movies all night. Thursday night was the company picnic and an exciting bowling night, while Monday I wandered quietly about the housing unit, finding maps with circles and x’s in them, and labeled them as “Helipad.”

I don’t mind the variation, and I certainly don’t mind the rest. I’m having time to write letters (though I only have one or two addresses to write to right now, hopefully that will change) and also journal (the for-real kind) and draw. It’s a perfect balance. The work keeps me from being bored out of my mind, and the free evenings give me plenty of rest.

Hooray for summer camp for grown-ups!

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