Zucchini Chips

Nick vetoed zucchini from the stew we made last night, so I improvised this recipe. Fortunately, Nathan likes zucchini, so they got eaten up.

– 1 egg
– olive oil
– pepper
– coriander
– ground ginger
– thyme
– sliced zucchini
– sea salt

Combine egg, oil, and spices/herbs in a bowl. Heat a bit of olive oil in a skillet (if you have previously browned beef in said skillet so there’s leftover beef goo, all the better). Dredge the zucchini slices through the egg mixture and cook them a few minutes each side on the skillet. Sprinkle with salt and let cool. Nom.

Today’s CSA delivery included plums and nectarines, which I will use for a pie. It also included radishes. What am I going to make with radishes?? (Other veggies included: white corn, carrots, tomatoes, more zucchini, and lettuce. Suggestions welcome)

3 thoughts on “Zucchini Chips”

  1. Radishes don’t really need a recipe. There are cuisines (notable Japanese) that cook them, but salad is generally a healthful, tasty place to insert them. Slice them thin and eat them. Or, shred them, and combine that with shredded carrots, olive oil, salt, and a few dashes of vinegar (usually sour-cherry vinegar in our house). The latter is more of a winter staple here, but with nice, snappy, sweet carrots it takes on a really lovely summer taste.

  2. Thanks for the recipe! My friend back in college would make something similar that I loved, but didn’t know how to make. This looks like it will be very tasty! 🙂

  3. I’m not a huge fan of zucchini, but those sound really tasty.

    I can’t say I’ve heard of radishes used as anything much more than a garnish or a snack. Though now I suddenly think of it, I wonder how thin radish slices would do with the fried pickle recipe a friend of mine uses. Tomatoes and lettuce, though, I’m saying just get some good bread and meat and make yourself some quality sammiches.

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