Writer’s Block: Left Behind

Today’s Writer’s Block question on LJ is: What do you want done with your body after you die?

I’ll be donating my body to science! Let me explain my reasoning..

A few years ago I had the unfortunate luck of having to go through many, many funerals in a short span of time, and I remember making some noteworthy observations.

Funerals are expensive. Caskets are expensive. Burying people is *expensive.* The stressful responsibility of paying for and orchestrating these purchases falls on those who are grieving and probably the least deserving of the burden. It seems like an awful system, in a way. During this time, I thought, how could I make my funeral less of a painful ordeal to my family?

From living several years with Scott during the time when he was often working and teaching in the gross anatomy lab at UofL, I learned some things about the cadavers that I hadn’t known. After being dissected and used in class, the bodies are gathered and cremated, and the school holds a nice little memorial service for all of them. The ashes are then returned to the family, if they want them.

What a nice system for the family! When I die, the university will take care of moving my body. My family won’t have to purchase a casket, and look…FREE cremation! So much less stress!

Sure, they won’t get the ashes right away, but that’s partially a good thing. That way, if they DO want to get a fancy urn for me, they’ll be doing it sometime after the initial grieving process, and probably while in a much better state to consider that decision.

And yes, someone will cut off my arms and legs and head with a bone saw so that I can fit in the cremation bag, but the family doesn’t have to deal with those details.

Oh…yeah…and some students learn some stuff blah blah whatever.

In spite of this plan, I STILL have not completed the paperwork necessary to authorize the donation. Part of this is because I’ve been between primary doctors, but I think that the next time I go to see my Pittsburgh doctor, I’ll bring it along. I also have to have a few other people sign it, but I forget exactly who…I’ll have to look at it again.

ANYWAY! Looking for a way to make your death less of a pain in the ass for your family? Consider donating to science! Just sayin.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Left Behind”

  1. I just want my body to become freeze dried, pulverised fertiliser for plants, and I agree that these funerals and the renting of a gravespot are a financial pain in the ass and a burden. And the Christian Death Cultism apparently makes sure, that death remains a profitable business for coroners.
    I loathe graveyards and that compulsory atmosphere of so-called “peaceful rest”. And I sure as hell don’t want to be remembered in moments, when it becomes high time to clean up kooky granduncle Robi’s grave just in time for another shitty Church Holiday, just to appease the philistine scum who have buried the cadavers of their own loved ones in parcels neighbouring my parcel. I especially don’t want to be remembered, if those are the only times, when those of my family who I will have known personally during my life will remember me at all.

  2. I haven’t really thought that much about my remains, but I wanted to request that no one wear black or somber colors to the funeral.

    I’d like it to be colorful.

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