WoW woes…

After WoWing for about a year and a half now, it’s finally happened. I always knew it would, some day, but I got by with just putting it out of my mind. But no more.

I have to respec full prot.

Now, my warrior was my first WoW character ever, so my spec is quite homemade, and probably not efficient at all. It is, as I like to imagine, held together with duct tape and patchwork. The reason I started out on the arms track to begin with was because it took me to my 30s to realize there were 2 other tabs to choose from…

So I got by with this flimsy arms/prot build that was wonderfully multipurpose. I could solo just fine, and tank just fine, and hold my own in pvp if it came down to it. My friends claim that I am a very skilled tank, and have the technique and theory down quite well. But technique and theory can only carry you so far, and lately I’ve been struggling like mad to hold aggro, even with all my tricks and a clever, cooperative group. If I have any intention of doing heroics, my homemade talent build has to go.

Will empathizes with me deeply, as it reminds him of the day he realized he would have to take his priest full holy spec. He was a brilliantly clever healer, but just couldn’t heal to kill Terrok in Skettis. I suppose it is for the best.

I am also training up to be a more responsible tank in general. My server is apparently dreadfully tank-depleted, as everyone is always needing one. I’ve been making myself to do the marking, rather than rely on Will to do it, and take more of a leadership role. I think, mostly, I just need more confidence in myself.

…but oh, I am going to miss Mortal Strike so much!!

2 thoughts on “WoW woes…”

  1. I still wonder about the couple paladins and warriors in my guild(s) that switch back and forth each week somehow… must be a lot of daily quests to make up that cash sink. Not to mention the repair bills from Kara gear, ouch.

    1. I have a friend here who does that! On weekends he raids, and he has enough money from doing dailies to respec and do arena during the week.

      It’s insane! He couldn’t keep it up once school started, of course.

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