11 thoughts on “WoW”

  1. It’s safe to jump down that hole… really. Nothing will ever happen… you’ll be safe… you won’t die cause the wather is one foot deep… nope… not ever…

    And I’m guessing you’re the warrior? Hehe.

    1. Yup! I’m the warrior ^_^ How did you guess?

      At another time, my friend fell down that hole on accident because he had numlock on and wasn’t paying attention. Fortunately he was soulstoned, hehe!

      1. I guessed cause I play waaaaaay too much WoW and know each armor piece on sight now. -cough-

        Well that, and you’re the only female there. Seemed a good guess, hehe.

        And yes, Tauren females are cute. I know Rosefang is trying to get more tauren female druids on our guild over on Whisperwind. (Or just more druids maybe, most of them appear to be aussies.)

        And the game, pvp or raiding or whatever you’re doing, really depends on who you’re with. I mean the guild I’m in is great… insane at times, but great. I mean if you want an example of how we think, try searching for Taverncast on iTunes, should be free. Our idea of preparing for a molten core raid is stocking up on snowballs and creating macros for the chicken emote.

        1. True enough. My guild is basically a group of my close friends (and about 16 of our alts) so while we can’t do anything MC quality, we do have fun with our 5-man instances.

          The pvp honestly hasn’t been that bad. Most of the time it’s just a matter of waving and leaving each other alone. I do enjoy defending towns and rescuing lowbies.

    1. From left to right:

      Kyle, an orc hunter. Ian, an orc hunter (no it’s not the ian you know). Slightly behind Ian so that you can’t see it is his cute little worg puppy. The lion is Kyle’s pet. The wolf is Ian’s pet. The undead in the stylish hat is Will, our priest. Will has a parrot which you can’t really see in the picture. Next is me, the tauren warrior, rawr! Then Scott, my roommate, the orc warlock and his pet cockatiel. The little orange cat is my pet. Then is Scott’s succubus.

      The end!

      1. Coolies! I’m no big fan of PVP myself though – I learned long ago how much I despise that flavor of play, and regardless the game avoid it like the plague. Ah well.

  2. Hee! ^^ It’s so funny to see the same instances i’ve been in with my dwarf priest just yesterday but seeing it from “horde side”.

    Also kinda funny how you chose the same race-class combo like my girlfriend + share the same opinion about PVP Servers. XD Tauren warriors (both male and female) are really cute lookin. :3

    Jumping that whole is fun when you have stuff like levitation or are a rogue/druid ^^

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